Michael Collins

What happens when they start killing Christians?

Michael Collins What really scandalizes us is that the Western world is encouraging this rise of sectarian violence just to topple the [al-Assad] ...
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Romney's Albatross

Michael Collins The public is just beginning to pay attention to the key issues of the 2012 presidential campaign. Even at this early ...
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Mr. President, Focus here, not over there

By Michael Collins The United States of America is struggling with economic problems that leading economists call a depression.   When you count all of those ...
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Welcome to the New Syria

By Michael Collins The assault on Damascus by Syrian rebels and terrorist murder of the Syrian Defense Minister occurred just as the Red Cross announced ...
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Bilderberg Meeting a Wrap, Who Would Trust these People?

By Michael Collins (Chantilly, VA 6/3/2012) The Bilderberg Group completed its annual meeting today in Northern Virginia. The group was founded in 1954 ...
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Rupert Watch, Tony Blair Lying at the Leveson Inquiry

By Michael Collins (Washington, 5/28/2012) Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair testified before the Leveson Inquiry today. He retains that familiar fatuous exuberance ...
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Rebekah Brooks, Witness for the Prosecution

By Michael Collins Criminal charges against Rupert Murdoch insider and favorite Rebekah Brooks may be a prelude to looming charges arising out of ...
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Rupert Watch - the Kiss of Death

By Michael Collins When things don't work out, doing business with Murdoch can be the kiss of death. No matter how hard you try, how loyal ...
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Rupert watch - signaling the end

By Michael Collins Rupert Murdoch's reign over the $33 billion News Corporation hinges on events surrounding the company's ownership share of Britain's dominant ...
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Rupert watch - Apocalypse when?

By Michael Collins Rupert Murdoch is in big trouble.  It is not a perfect storm but we're getting there. British attorney Mark Lewis is in New ...
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Where's the criminal investigation of the Murdoch Empire? Shareholders to the rescue

By Michael Collins There was something tawdry and disgusting about the phone hacking by Rupert Murdoch's News of the World. The News Corporation owned ...
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Books Banned in Arizona - Latinos Fighting Thought Control

By Michael Collins Bad things are happening in Arizona … again. Good things too! The extremist Arizona legislature enacted a law that just recently caused ...
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Netanyahu's pretext for war - Islamic Jihad missiles

By Michael Collins Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has his pretext for an attack on Iran. He left Washington disappointed by President Obama's reluctance ...
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Santorum Hearing Voices

By Michael Collins Satire (Washington, DC) Senator Rick Santorum knows something many of us do not. Satan is waging war on the United States. ...
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Women Strike Back! Georgia Leads the Way

By Michael Collins Georgia Democratic Representative Yasmin Neal has an answer to recidivist Republicans in Georgia, Virginia, and across the country seeking to limit a ...
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Virginia is for Misogynists

By Michael Collins The Virginia legislature is about to enact a law that requires a transvaginal ultrasound procedure for all women who have abortions (except in ...
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Just Short of Treason in Georgia and Kansas

By Michael Collins It's official. The crazies have arrived for the 2012 presidential race, florid in their deviant and repulsive rhetoric. Andrew B. Adler, ...
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Oops, We're Doomed!

By Michael Collins We don’t have a substantial cushion between today's climate and dangerous warming. James E. Hanson The head of NASA's Goddard Institute for ...
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Is Iran Preparing to Strike Back?

By Brian M. Downing These attacks are almost certainly directed by Israeli, Saudi, and US intelligence services. They may also be acts of war. "This business will ...
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