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Not Even Children are Immune from TSA Scan or Grope Policies

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Last week John Tyner was evicted from San Diego International Airport and threatened with a fine after telling TSA staff “Don’t touch my junk.” Things have gone downhill from there.

This week a bladder cancer survivor endured humiliation caused by a rough TSA inspector who dislodged Tom Sawyer’s urostomy bag, soaking him in urine. A breast cancer survivor  told of having to show her breast prosthesis to a TSA agent as part of the new security procedures at U.S. airports.  

Some travelers plan to fight back Nov. 24, one of the busiest travel days of the year, with “National Opt-Out Day” to protest full body scans, which some are calling “naked” and “porno” scans. That means more will be undergoing enhanced pat-downs. For everyone traveling this weekend – get to the airport early and be careful out there!

A passenger at Salt Lake City International shot video of a young boy being strip searched by TSA staff.

This TSA stuff is out of hand. When she was a toddler I told my daughter to scream, kick and hiss if anyone tried to touch her fanny. She took note. Once when she was running across the room with a shirt but no pants on my mom patted her little behind as she ran past. Three-year-old daughter stopped, glared at her and said: "That's private!"

So now we tell our kids that it's inappropriate for any strange adult to touch their bottom except for the nice TSA man?


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