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Embrace the Wheel - poems by Roy M. Nuzzo, MD

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Roy M. Nuzzo, MD, is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in New Jersey.

Embrace the Wheel


On the grit of mortality

It is heavy.


Lightened by goodness

You float.


Empty hands

let it roll.


Break for innocence.

Renewed as a child.


Embrace the wheel,

but make it sing in its tracks.


Which of us is blessed?

Eyes relax upon the steppe

lulled to peace,

glorious space, unassailed

nature, unshared, in tranquil rest.


Accomplished eyes,


see instead, visions


phantoms wanting form,

tactile mentality petitioning asertion.


Hands in repetition rise and fall

in sanctification of letting be


the laying on of bricks.


Either way, God is not alone in our universe.


Roy M. Nuzzo, MD, is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in New Jersey. He’s also a poet who inspires his young patients to realize their dreams before and after their reconstructive surgeries.  A Feb. 2 article, “Saved by a poem,” in the Bend, OR, Bulletin describes how the blend of medicine and poetry brought the surgeon together with gifted Mexican poet, Ekiwah Adler-Beléndez.  


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ginseng on 12/09/2009 03:23:32
Now that sounds interesting, I really enjoyed reading your poem and the way you placed the rhymes were amazing....
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128gb usb flash drive on 02/22/2010 22:32:57
I really enjoyed reading your poem and the way you placed the rhymes were amazing....
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Rhinoplasty on 05/18/2010 05:24:53
I liked your poem which words are very meaningful. It touched my Soul. Thanks for sharing this with us. I like kind of this poem.
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Shuffle mp3 players on 05/20/2010 03:54:43
That's pretty interesting poem. Though I didn't find it impressive rhyme in it but yup it was fun reading it. :)
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JJ on 06/28/2010 15:30:46
What's amazing about these poems is that the poet is an actual (and very good) orthopedic surgeon.

Perhaps Re-read the poems with this in mind, and picture yourself performing a surgery on the length of a person's back - then the tones and rhythms appear!
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Roy Nuzzo on 08/02/2010 07:06:33
I never respond to poetic analysis. However, these two poems were SELECTED for the very properties noted and written to be such. (Part of writing exercises inflicted on students).

Here is an opposite: (Beware it is intentionally DENSE, though having a strong message. Meter is insanely iambic pentameter (incl title). There is NO RHYME but instead intonation symmetry which feels like rhyme.
Distemper of Serene Presentiment

In seasons change I felt his hand on me

So many traces echoed of his word

What feelings. Strange. A steal of sacrament.

So many races lost upon the sword.

A flower strives to pull itself erect

As morning yawns and spreads into the glare

By nature's gift a lull of sweet restraint

So gently lifted we descend from here.

Is craving weight

Of passion merely?

From where, of what - is rain? To savor thus

Of cumulus in scattered play, we race

In deeply hungered search through soulless void.

Unknowing, gulled, we bite to down the bait.

White clouds which shape in sunshine

Press their forms into our minds.

Therein hangs a gentle fog on portents in our lives.

In reason's change I savored my ignominy,

So many faces beckoned our accord.

What dealings hang on seals of discontent,

So many baseless trappings of before?

Our feelings weaken of our intellect

When fawning palls foreboding in despair

Of riches left unculled despite complaint.

So many hints that we depend on fear.

Clouds impress us.

Clouds distress us.

But clouds

Are clouds

Of we who breathe them life,

As other lives address us.

Investment. Vapor frosts in sudden cold.

I chill to savor earth enveloped white.

Redeem your grace and let your spirit sail,

So I to acquiesce again in pride.
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Roy Nuzzo on 08/07/2010 20:02:23
ps: Some help:
'Distemper' is meant to be read with TWO voices.

First voice begins and reads two stanzas of 4 lines each
'In seasons change ... => ... descend from here.'

First voice goes quiet and more dominant voice takes over (to the end) ... except that when the second voice gets to:

'In reason's change ... => ...we depend on fear.'

The first voice comes in again and reads the same two beginning four liners a half a line off the second voice, softer as a reflection or late soft echo. The sound simili takes over yet the two are not the same.

This is a tonal example of hanging something internal on something else external, maybe even perceptually sculpting the external.[seeing what you want, or what you fear, or maybe just what you know]. Message : What you see in clouds is what you project onto them.
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