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Respect urged for Japan's tsunami flotsam landing on U.S. coastlines

A floating black 55-gallon drum was found by a cleaning crew on a beach at the northwest tip of Washington state recently. What's interesting about ...
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High Resolution Photos from Japan Reactors - From Cryptome

by Michael Collins The photograph above is one of a series of Fukushima I images obtained through the resources of Cyptome, an open information web ...
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The Truth About Nuclear Power - Too Dangerous to Tell

by Michael Collins A poster at The Agonist, Joaquin, published an elegant and important analysis this weekend.  His tightly packed, brief post made ...
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They said it was not as bad as Chernobyl and they were wrong

by Michael Collins New Scientist - "Fukushima radioactive fallout nears Chernobyl levels" According to an international scientific group monitoring radiation around the world, the Fukushima ...
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Post Nuclear Japan, Pre-Disaster United States

Michael Collins The Japanese disaster at Fukushima I is a human tragedy of striking proportions.  As many as ten thousand citizens may be dead, with many ...
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Japan awaits word on possible nuclear reactor leak

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has issued an emergency decree regarding the possibility of leaking radiation from the damaged Tokyo Electric Power Company’s (TEPCo) multi-reactor ...
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