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How many physicians are using Electronic Medical Records (EMR)?

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Despite the focus on EMR, most physicians have not adopted the technology fully or even partially in their practices.

This information comes from Chris Thorman, who blogs about EMR systems at Software Advice. You can view the full article here: EHR Software Market Share Analysis

Of the approximately 788,000 physicians in the United States, 65 percent of them work in an outpatient facility or physician’s practice, according to the Bureau of Labor & Statistics. That’s 512,000 possible physicians who are in the outpatient EHR software market.

According to a recent study of office-based physicians released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 44 percent of those of 512,000 office-based doctors had adopted either a partial, basic, or fully functional EHR system. That’s 225,000 outpatient doctors using an EHR to some extent. 

Here’s how EHR adoption breaks down among the total number (512,000) of outpatient physicians in the United States:

  • 56 percent - no EHR adoption;
  • 21 percent - basic EHR adoption;
  • 17 percent - partial EHR adoption; and,
  • 6 percent -  full EHR adoption. 
You can view the CDC's definitions here.

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r4 dsi on 06/17/2010 00:42:02
I am very glad to have this information.I know that in 2008, about 17% of physicians reported they had a “basic” EHR system but after that I had no information about this.Well thanks for making us aware of this useful information.
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Digital Media Sales Jobs on 06/17/2010 06:32:46
An Electronic Medical Record (EMR)is a kind of system that allows patients and all the current medical professionals to easily access the patients medical records no matter what the location is and i would say it should be made mandatory for those who are not using it because it is providing comfort and perfection as well in the treatment procedure.
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mbt trainers on 06/28/2010 04:46:56
There are many advantages of using Electronic Medical Record (EMR). EMR software can increase revenues, Reduced Expenses, Reduced Medical Errors and many more... Most of all physicians are using Electronic Medical Records.
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Doncaster Escorts on 06/28/2010 05:35:51
An electronic medical record (EMR) is a virtual health history which includes the help in the recovery and treatment for illness, medical test results, allergies, prescription medication use, hospitalizations etc.
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Electronic Medical Record on 10/18/2010 15:02:24
This is a shame because EMR has such great potential.
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