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California zealot seeks to ban divorce in the state with ballot proposition

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image Will the proposal to ban marriage make it onto the California ballot? Photo: Stewart/flickr (CC)

It’s so California!

And being ‘so California’ it’s really bad for our mental and physical health, not to mention destroying freedom of choice and the American way of life.

A crazed Bible-thumping, woman-hating, Christian Talibanist has been given the go-ahead by Secretary of State Debra Bowen to gather signatures to place a proposition banning divorce in the state on the 2010 ballot. 

Perhaps Bowen, who authorized the gathering of signatures by John Marcotte of Sacramento, should have attended last weekend’s initial meeting of a 20-member Committee on “Improving State Government” where legislators got stern, tough love lecturing and mandate-like suggestions on how to streamline lawmaking in Sacramento.

The most important headline-making bit of advice came from State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, who, mincing no words, said flat out that our legislators are a bunch of airheads who waste valuable time and money concocting useless, inane and down right stupid laws.

"There's too much junk," Lockyer told the committee members, raising his voice. "I'm sorry, but two-thirds of the bills I see come out of the Assembly, if they never saw the light of day, God bless it. . . . Just stop it! Just stop it! . . . Just say 'No.'" wrote George Skelton in his L.A. Times column on Oct. 26.

A resounding NO! is exactly what Bowen should have told Marcotte.

Marcotte takes offense when writers like Alex Leo, who wrote in the Huffington Post on September 15: “No, John (Marcotte) is not a religious zealot (although he has 12 years of Catholic education), instead he's launched this initiative to mock the proponents of Proposition 8, which added "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California," to the state's constitution. He told CNN this Act is the "logical extension of Proposition 8."

Leo is dead wrong on two levels: Marcotte is a religious zealot of the worst kind and he’s not mocking Prop. 8 or its proponents; he deadly and dastardly serious.

In fact, he’s hoping Prop. 8 supporters will grab hold of his shirttails and latch on the idea of a divorce-free California.

Marcotte said accusing him of kidding is “deeply offensive” and that the divorce ban is a “centrist position with broad, apolitical appeal.”

A centrist position with broad appeal? Only in his imagination!

Logic dictates that if it were a “centrist position,” Californians would not have worked tirelessly to get “no fault” divorce, making the process of dissolving a rotten and possibly abusive marriage more easily and quickly attainable.

Predictably, as all zealots who hate people who disagree with them, Marcotte vilified the media: “ … It just goes to show you how out of touch with mainstream America the liberal media has become,” said Marcotte, a married father of two. “They want to laugh me off as a joke, so that they can dismiss the very real traditional values my movement represents. Secular progressives like Brian Williams, Wolf Blitzer and Mario Lopez would rather concentrate their efforts on advocating for death panels, promoting socialism and discovering who Kim Kardashian is fornicating with this month.”

Proof that he hates women is boldly emblazoned on a t-shirt he designed to sell to his equally nutty supporters of his 2010 California Marriage Protection Act.

The t-shirt depicts a man and woman chained together at the wrists with a heart-shaped lock in the center of the chain.

Unlike the man who is free to do as he wishes, the woman is confined in a triangular-shaped box.

Above the linked couple it says: Until death do us part; below the couple is inscribed: You’re not dead yet.

What he never would consider is a woman or man, who is irrevocably locked in an abusive marriage might ultimately get “dead” at the hands of the other spouse, or at his or her own hands through suicide as the only means of escape. And that person might even make the kids “dead,” too.

Using the canards of “saving the tax payers money” and “freeing up the courts to prosecute wrong-doers,” Marcotte further insults our sensibilities.

Save money? I don’t think so. If he obtains the required number of valid signatures  -- 694,354 --  to get this piece of insanity on the ballot and it passes, it will cost the tax payers dearly tying it up in court for years on end just as is happening with Prop. 8.

The worst of all possibilities is that California’s flock of ill-informed voters, who keep voting for the same corrupt, power hungry, silly law-passing, financially illiterate legislators, will pass this piece of garbage of legislation if it makes it on next year‘s ballot.

Obviously Marcotte is driven by delusional optimism, so if this E-vil proposition passes, what other Bible-dictated tell-us-how-we-should-live ideas does he have on the drawing board? Who or what group is next on his hit list of morally obscene people?

Could it be a ban on pre-marital sex with physical exams required to get a marriage license and if the woman isn’t a virgin she’s stoned in the public square? Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell if a man is a virgin, because if there were and Marcotte could prove he weren’t a virgin, he’d have his penis lopped off.

Any couple caught living together will be burned at the stake?

All children born out-of-wedlock will be branded with a “B” at birth, because everyone knows they are truly bastards?

Baby boys will no longer be circumcised? It’s a Jewish thing, you know and it kills a man’s virility.

Will he propose that women be banned from working and driving, or must be covered from head to toe when in public, or must travel in pairs like nuns or be accompanied by a man carrying a whip?

How about undisolvable arranged marriages for fun and profit and any female who is not promised to a man by the time she’s 17 will be shot as a useless member of society? Any man in the same position will be drafted.

Any married woman who doesn’t produce a child within a year will be put on display for public ridicule.

But, is number one on Marcotte's hit list of how to kill the American way of life as we know it to ban all religions except his own “true” religion fashioned in his own crazed image?

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Bonnie Russel on 10/27/2009 22:42:55
By the way, Florida leads the nation in murder-suicide...but California is a close second. The below is my site.

See http://www.Familylawcourts.com/kids.html



So much for the sanctity of marriage.
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Michael Cosgrove on 10/28/2009 04:08:39
Living on the other side of the world means I have never heard of the guy. He hates women? Maybe, but he also hates men.

I mean, (if I have understood the article correctly) a man would not be able to get divorced either if he wanted to.

Perfect equality! Till death us do part..


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Matt on 10/28/2009 09:56:24
I'll vote for it. It's a sensible thing to get rid of divorce and will make people really stop and think before getting married.
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Alan on 10/29/2009 20:30:52
If you really believe that Marcotte is serious when he talks about "protecting traditional marriage," can you please explain why the front page his initiative's website (rescuemarriage.org) contains links to the major gay marriage rights websites? Or why a large number of the initiative's fans on Facebook are gay rights activists?

The initiative points out an uncomfortable truth: most of the people who supported Proposition 8 didn't want to "protect traditional marriage." They just wanted to take rights away from gay people.

If the Prop 8 supporters really want to protect marriage, they'll support this initiative, too. Even though it's their rights that are being taken away now. Any other response would be hypocritical.

And that's the point.
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Mike Welch on 10/29/2009 20:36:45
The triangular box around the woman on the t-shirt is actually the edge of her wedding veil! John Marcotte himself admits he's not very artistic. Still, I like my shirt.. actually all three of them. I'm glad he is bringing this initiative to California. It's about time the holier-than-thou types got a taste of their own medicine. I don't live there, but I've certainly donated money to their cause. After all, if the Mormons can influence votes from out of state, why shouldn't I?
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Mike from Sonoma on 10/29/2009 21:02:40
I think this initiative is way past due, we need to protect the children. Studies show that children of divorced parents fare worse in school, relationships, and life. Divorce needs to be prohibited for these children. As for the punishments you propose, they seem extreme. I'd be satisfied with a monetary punishmentd, perhaps withdrawal of social security or tax benefits. Society must be firm in it's defense of traditional, procreative marriage by slanting the tax codes, social security, inheritance laws, and social strictures in favor of the law-abiding procreative and discourage other "lifestyles". Following the passage of this initiative by the people of California, I propose a follow-up initiative restricting marriage solely to the procreative traditional marriage - any marriage that does not produce offspring in five years shall be dissolved with loss of all rights associated with marriage. We do not propose draconian punishments, more a gentle nudging, and nipping around the edges of marriage, a tactic so effective in limiting the availability of abortion in much of the country, even though it is still technically legal. This is a long cultural fight to protect the children and the future.
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Joe on 10/30/2009 11:05:05
I think it's a great idea it just shows how conservative California's getting. I wonder how well it'll do. :)
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Scott in Colorado on 10/30/2009 11:14:01
You missed the point entirely. The site is meant as a parody of sorts. The point is really to point out that if you think allowing gay marriage would destroy traditional marriage, then you haven't been paying attention. Straight people and divorce have already destroyed "traditional" marriage. And yet the holier than thou bible thumpers don't understand that when they divorce and remarry, they're living in a continuous state of adultery according to their bible.
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Mike from Sonoma on 10/31/2009 02:01:29
Sandy, you really started me thinking about what the punishment should be for these "lifestyle" crimes. I should think something like a class D felony would do - fines limited to $5,000 or five years in prison, very lenient considering how pernicious divorce is - we must be caring and try to change minds to the proper course gently. Of course, repeat offenses would be eligible for the three strikes law out here, so anyone so morally bankrupt to get divorced three time would be locked away for 25 to life, with no possibility of parole.
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Mike from Sonoma on 10/31/2009 02:04:19
One Man + One Woman = Forever
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Laura on 10/31/2009 12:55:18
Has this woman ever read "A Modest Proposal" where Johnathan Swift suggests the remedy to the famine is to eat little children? Have she ever seen Stephen Colbert's popular comedy central program? The success of a good satirist is to stay in character but with a wink and a smile ... Read Moredirected at an intelligent audience. Clearly, not everyone is going to get the satirical sting, but that is the beauty of satire. It is designed to elicit strong reactions: condemnation from those who don't understand and find it appalling, and support from those who do understand and are cruel enough to think it right. Amidst these extremes are the sensible people who satire speaks to: the people who get the joke and what's more, understand that it's not just a joke, it's a call to arms. Marcotte is akin to Shakespeare's wise Knaves. Only the real fools in the audience think that the Fool is foolish. The rest of the audience understands his veiled critiques of the royals and aristocracy, and they understand that the power of satire is the ability to launch scathing political criticism without losing one's head. Shakespeare understood this method of political critique well, which is why he used his Fools to instruct his audience about the evils of their government.

The simple truth is that even if this measure passes, it won't survive because the legislature and California Supreme Court would be forced to analyze the dangers and absurdity of the referendum process when it is allowed to alter fundamental rights with a mere 51% of the vote. That's something that not even our California Congress can do. If they want to amend the Constitution, they need 2/3 of the vote.
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Kat on 11/01/2009 12:35:13
I think this may have been done tongue-in-cheek, to make a point.
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Randomsausage on 11/05/2009 17:16:48
Americans and irony......there's a marriage that wasn't made in heaven.
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ginkgo biloba on 12/08/2009 00:10:58
Marriage isn't taken too lightly. Divorce is not easy enough. Women realize now days they don't need a man, they don't need to put up with the garbage. Marriage was invented for control. Women have always been treated as property like the livestock, and it is still like that in too many places in this world.
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